NORFOLK City officials now say the issue about what to do with Waterside is urgent. The city is putting the troubled complex at the top of its to-do list.

Karen James owns All About Virginia and More. She's eager for the city to make a decision.

'We're at a standstill right now. There's nothing being done,' said James. '90% of the people that come through the door- they want to know what's going to happen to this place,' she added.

Earlier in the year, a panel of consultants urged the city to give up its role as landlord and turn Waterside over to a master developer.

Some of the recommendations for how to use the space are: a large scale public market, a health club, and a banquet facility.

Norfolk director of communications, Bob Batcher, didn't mention a specific time line but talked about it's importance.

'I can tell you that it's urgent to get the issues with Waterside resolved and moving forward,' said Batcher.

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