VIRGINIA BEACH --Two teenagers are accused of burglarizing a home and stealing a car that was pulled from a lake several hours later.

Police responded to Elliot Road in Woodbridge Pointe Monday afternoon.

'I saw a white car come through here, and it pulled into there and next thing I heard was a splash,' explained Joseph Young, who was doing brick work in the area.

'Few minutes after that, I saw two guys running across the field,' said Young. 'One didn't have shoes on. He was running across the field, and it didn't look like he had shoes on, I mean, 'cause alls you saw was, like, real white socks.'

Police said they found 19-year-old Westley Storm Jones and a 15-year old in neighboring Charlestowne Lakes South. Officers believe they stole the white Dodge Charger after burglarizing a home on Chestnut Hill Road around 4:00 p.m. No one was home at the time and the keys were taken from the home, police spokesman Jimmy Barnes told

Contractor Mark Terry was in Woodbridge Pointe and called 9-1-1 after he found out the car went into the water.

'I guess that they said that they got the wrong person or something like that, and they were soaken wet,' said Terry, smiling as he recounted what the teenagers supposedly said to officers.

He doesn't understand by the car wasn't just left somewhere instead of driving it into a lake.

Members of Virginia Beach Police Department's Dive Team located the car, and, with the help of a tow truck, pulled it out of the water late Monday.

Jones is charged with grand larceny; no information was available on the charges facing the juvenile.

Some of the items taken from the home have been recovered, Barnes added, including electronic games, a cell phone and a 9mm handgun.

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