VIRGINIA BEACH Some residents near Shore Drive are still cleaning up after Wednesday evening's storms and they're frustrated that the city won't help them with the continual flooding problem.

'It happens every time. It's like having a child at home that I have to run home and feed,' Kevin Reynolds said.

Reynolds just finished drying out his garage from the last heavy rain, and he says he deals with it every time it storms. The very first time, he claims he lost $30,000 worth of tools.

'I just walk out and look out and there it goes again,' said Reynolds. 'It's sort of like the Titanic, but it keeps floating.'

Sea Shell Road does not have storm drains.

The neighborhood teamed up and wrote to their city council members last year. They were told a project was in the works to remedy the problem. But time passed and still no relief.

'They want to get it back on the books as soon as possible, but that's been over a year,' said resident Chris Bufis.

Neighbors tell 13News they got so fed up, they threw in their own money to hire a contractor to install a drain.

The city used to pump out the water but after condos were built, it became private property, so they stopped.

Since then, the water has gotten so high at times, it's knocked out the power to electrical gates.

City officials say they project has been requested but they don't have the money to fund it. That means there's no timetable on when they'll see work on their road.

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