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WAYNESBORO -- Two bear cubs orphaned when their mother was struck and killed by a car in Suffolk Monday are in their temporary home this morning.

'The bear cubs arrived here at about 9:15 a.m.,' Randy Huwa, spokesman for The Wildlife Center of Virginia told

'Our vets examined them and will do radiographs and blood tests to see how they're doing.'

The first bear cub weighed in at 20.8 pounds.

It took about four hours for state wildlife officials to get the cubs from a tree on Route 58, close to the spot where the mother bear was struck.

Initially, officials believed one cub was male and the other was a female, but Wildlife Center officials said Tuesday they are, in fact, both male.

The cubs were brought to Waynesboro from Richmond by Jaime Sajecki, who is the Bear Project Leader for the Va. Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Huwa said.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is well-known to Eagle Cam viewers because of its care for three eaglets moved from Norfolk Botanical Garden this year when their mother was killed by a landing airplane.

The Center also is the permanent home for another Botanical Garden eagle named Buddy, who was removed from the nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden because it contracted Avian Pox. Officials hope to use Buddy as an education animal.

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