NEWPORT NEWS Four bridges in Newport News are about to be replaced. It's all part of the city's five-year capitol improvement plan.

The bridges set to be replaced are: the Huntington Avenue and Washington Avenue crossings over the shipyard, the Fort Eustis Boulevard Bridge over the railroad tracks and the bridge on Warwick Boulevard over Lake Maury.

The bridges are between 40 and 50 years old. And though they're in rough shape, experts say they're still safe to travel on. However, Everett skipper, director of engineering for Newport News says the bridges were already scheduled for various types of work. So when state and federal money suddenly became available, the projects were moved ahead of schedule and changed.

'At the federal level, the engineering organization produces what they call report cards. Those report cards grades have been trending lower than 'A' for a long time. So to have some funding to get closer to 'A's' in our infrastructure is always a good thing,' said Everett.

Andrew Hyatt lives and works near Lake Maury. He hopes the city takes into account the new construction at Christopher Newport University and local sculptures when designing the new crossing.

'I like to see something a little more decorative going on here like the Lions Bridge over the James River,' Hyatt said. 'Just something to make it stand out a little bit, recognizing the historical landmarks.'

Work could begin on the Fort Eustis Boulevard Bridge as early as next spring.

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