NORFOLK Investigators have arrested a home invasion suspect after computer software helped track him down.

According to police, the robbery happened April 14 at a the home rented to several Old Dominion University students at 867 W. 43rd St.

Police said several laptop computers were stolen in that robbery and that one had LoJack installed in it. Months after the robbery, police got a hit to where it was because the software company was monitoring the activity on the computer.

Owner of PC Alternatives in Virginia Beach, Matt Norment, said the software is sort of like a beaming device often used to track down stolen cars.

'It's a great software that's installed if your computer's ever stolen the company will track it and bring it back to you,' said Norment.

Norment has installed similar software on to people's computers and said it's a great way to protect your investment.

'It is a hidden system that you really don't know you have it unless you're aware of it or you install it yourself,' said Norment.

Police arrested Norfolk State University student Davay Lyman for the robbery. They say they traced the stolen computer to New Jersey where a witness said he received the laptop from Lyman.

According to court records, three other people were involved in that April robbery. Police spokeswoman Karen Parker-Chesson said further arrests are pending.

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