HAMPTON After 114 years in business, Mugler's men's clothing store is closing.

Christopher Columbus Mugler opened the original store on Mellen Street in downtown Phoebus. In 1970, it was sold to the father of Donald Gear, the current owner.

'I started in '77, so I've been here 38 years,' said Gear.

The store is now located at 1901 Armistead Avenue. Gear says people just don't dress up like they used to, and over the years he changed the inventory to stay afloat.

'We're doing medical scrubs in store and online, postal uniforms, police, fire department uniforms, team sports equipment and team uniforms,' said Gear.

He said he'd love to keep it open but can't afford to continue letting expenses exceed the sales.

'Your big box stores have a lot to do with it,' said Gear. 'Although they may not be doing that bad locally, they're probably doing better in other parts of the country and so when they mix it all in, they come out okay.'

Everything in Mugler's is being sold including the fixtures. The owner says he isn't sure exactly when the doors will close for good. It will depend on when everything is gone.

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