NORFOLK -- Mo Money customers in Norfolk say they still don't have the tax return checks they were hoping for.

Hundreds of people showed up at Mo Money locations in Norfolk, including the Granby Street store and the location at Tidewater and Lafayette to voice their frustration.

The customers tell 13 News the company told them their tax return checks would be ready to pick up on Friday. When they arrived at the store, the checks weren't there.

'I came here on the 19th of January and filed my income taxes,' said Tasheba Lovewing, a frustrated customer.

'They told me no later than the third. There's no money, there's no checks, there's no nothing,' Lovewing said.

Mario Brady owns the Mo Money franchise on Granby Street in Norfolk. He says the problem with the checks is not his fault.

'When you print them it sends a report back to the bank to make the funds available for the check. They say they hadn't gotten an update for those particular checks today,' Brady said.

Brady says he did not intend to deceive his customers, saying, 'If Ihad known it was going to be like this or Ihad known the funds weren't going to be available, I never would have told them.'

At the Mo Money on Tidewater Driver, near Lafayette Boulevard, the employees stopped answering questions.

A tensions continued to build, police stepped in to keep the peace, sending customers to the curb.

Gene Mason was waiting outside the store for answers. He says he regrets his decision to file with Mo Money.

'I think it's messed up and Idon't know how you can just do that to innocent people that are just trying, that work all their lives to get what they deserve,'Mason said.

13 News has learned other states have also had the same problem. Customers say they are still waiting on their checks in Memphis and Charlotte.

The Norfolk branches of Mo Money closed their doors Friday night, telling customers to come back on Monday.

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