SUFFOLK -- 'I died for 30 minutes. I'm still dying inside,' Lichella Harris told 13News.

Tuesday night, someone stole her boyfriend's car from in front of her home on Third Avenue. Inside the silver 2007 Nissan Maxima was Harris' 9-month-old son.

'That was my whole main focus,' said Robert Dyett. 'The baby was in the car. I was scared, upset.'

Dyett explained he popped into his girlfriend's house to pick her up, leaving the car locked. He came out a couple minutes later to find the Maxima and the 9-month-old boy gone.

A spokesperson for Nissan says it's possible someone started it with a remote and that because it was a 2007 model Maxima, you only have to be in close range to remote start it.

Not long after the car was stolen, the baby was left on a doorstep two blocks away.

'Somebody rung my doorbell, and I opened the door and saw the baby,' recalled Kenneth Calvie who lives on First Avenue.

Calvie first thought the baby's appearance on the porch was part of a joke.

'That's something you read in a book or you see on some television program,' Calvie said.

He wasn't able to see that 'somebody' who left the baby. He called 911, bringing officers to the house who were able to reunite Harris with her son.

'It's an undescribable feeling,' said Harris. 'I'm just lad he's back home safe.'

Dyett'ssilver 2007 Nissan Maxima was recovered around 9:00 a.m. Wednesday in a wooded area off Lake Cahoon Rd.

So far, no sign of a suspect. The investigation continues.

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