PORTSMOUTH -- Accusations of toddlers being forced to clean up feces are at the center of an investigation in Portsmouth.

Parents tell 13News that a child had an accident in the bathroom at the Head Start school on Airline Boulevard in Portsmouth and that teachers forced three and four-year-old children to clean it. The kids allegedly were given kitchen gloves and napkins.

Mother Zaneta Conway says she walked into the preschool and found her four-year-old daughter being forced to clean up the mess.

'Why would you have them cleaning up feces? There is an infection going around the school. My other daughter is out sick. You know there is an infection going around school and you've exposed them to a bio-hazardous wastes with kitchen gloves and paper napkins,' said Conway. 'I first had to compose myself, because my first response was to knock the lady out, but then I thought - my kids are here, they've already been traumatized enough. They're on the floor cleaning up feces.'

Mom Lagina Skeeter says she got a call from the Portsmouth Head Start director who told her that her daughter was the one who had the accident.

'They really don't know. You've got a bathroom full of students, so you really don't know who's it was, but you picked these two kids to clean it up and you don't know who it was because you aren't supervising it all,' said Skeeter.

The parents involved say they took their children to the doctor, because they're worried they could become sick.

A representative for Head Start said the two teachers involved in this were immediately fired.

According to the Department of Social Services, this particular Head Start location has racked up multiple violations over the past year.

The center remains open.

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