SUFFOLK -- A Suffolk police officer severely beaten over the weekend is out of the ICU and has been stabilized.

Officer James Winslow spent several days in critical condition. He was found unconscious Saturday in the woods off Nansemond Parkway.

Fellow police say he was chasing Joe Staton who was allegedly driving a stolen car. Staton is now accused of attempting to murder a police officer. The latest charges against him include giving officers a fake name at the time of his arrest. He told authorities his name was Albert Riddick.

'At that time he was charged with forgery of a public document, because he signed the fingerprint card under the assumed name,' stated Debbie George, spokesperson for the Suffolk Police Department.

Investigators later discovered Albert Riddick was dead and the man in custody was in fact Joe Staton.

'What we find a lot of time is someone will get in so much trouble with their own name that they will assume the name of another - usually a relative or a friend or even in some cases someone that is deceased,' George explained.

According to police, a week before the incident involving Officer Winslow, Staton was charged with grand larceny and vehicle trespassing.

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