NORFOLK -- A jury has acquitted Marcus Deering of second degree murder.

Though detectives charged Deering, his brother Rashad Deering, and Jayquon Norman all with second degree murder, the jury decided last Wednesday that Marcus Deering did not have a part in the killing of Dekar Jones.

Jones was shot to death on Selden Avenue last June.

His daughter was surprised by the verdict saying, 'It's all in God's hands. There's nothing I can do.'

Amanda Howie of the Commonwealth's Attorney's office said in regards of the verdict, 'Our Office respects the criminal justice process which includes the jury's decision in this case. Our cases against two others in this crime continue.'

Mike Fasanaro represented Deering and advised him not to comment on the verdict because he might testify in his brother Rashad's trial in September.

He said Marcus Deering was playing a dice game with his brother Rashad, Jayquon Norman, and the victim when a fight broke out and there was a struggle over a gun.

'Witnesses for the commonwealth indicated my client had a gun, was reaching for it. Some say he actually pulled it out. My client said he never had a gun - that the victim had a gun,' said Fasanaro.

Along with conflicting testimonies, there was also some confusion during deliberation.

'Judge Burrell told them they had to go back and read the instructions that the instructions were clear,' said Fasanaro.

Both Rashad Deering and Jayquon Norman will be on trial for second degree murder beginning on September 25th. They are being held at the Norfolk jail without bond.

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