VIRGINIA BEACH -- Nancy Wilkinson said that her Maltese 'Snow Pea' was injured after being groomed.

She says that's one reason why the state should regulate groomers.

'If they're not going to take care of my pet, they don't deserve the right to care for my pets,' said Wilkinson.

She says Snow Pea was bleeding on her ears after getting her groomed at Preppie Pooch last week.

'She was crying and whining and I had never seen her act like this before. I didn't know what to do,' said Wilkinson.

After taking her dogs to the veterinarian, she went back to the groomers to complain about one of the dog's injuries and cutting her hair too short.

'The groomer was very indignant with me and said she would not reimburse me, that it was my fault, and went into a rage with me and asked me to leave her store,' said Wilkinson.

She also claims the owner of Preppie Pooch, Rebecca Harner, assaulted her by poking her. She filed a police report with Virginia Beach Police.

Harner denies the assault and also stands by her grooming job.

'We did nothing wrong and I'll stand behind that,' said Harner.

Christina Sims of Beach Pet Hospital says that the injuries like the ones Snow Pea had can be connected to cutting fur that is matted.

Harner says the hair on Snow Pea was indeed matted and needed to be cut.

'People don't get their dogs groomed. The dogs hadn't been groomed in three months,' said Harner.

Wilkinson says this incident is why the state should oversee groomers ahead of time.

Elaine Lidholm of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says there are efforts to oversee groomers on a local level.

'There are the statutory requirements regarding groomers and boarding establishments, and they are subject to inspection by Animal Control Officers, but they remain unregulated,' said Lidholm.

Dr. Daniel Kovich of the Division of Animal and Food Industry Services Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer services says that groomers that do not provide adequate care and veterinary treatment when needed can be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor.

'Pet grooming is largely unregulated nationwide. Virginia's explicit care and veterinary treatment requirements are certainly on par, to the best of my knowledge, with what other states that do have grooming provisions require,' said Dr. Kovich.

Despite the complaint against her, Harner says she also agrees that groomers should be regulated.

Harner added that because she believes she didn't do anything wrong while grooming Snow Pea, she does not plan to reimburse Wilkinson for any veterinary bills or for the grooming.

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