NORFOLK -- The heat is on for Hampton Roads and there won't be a break for days.

13News Meteorologist Craig Moeller says the humidity will be increasing, too.

'By the weekend, we will see heat index values (the combination of heat and humidity) that will be well over 100, and as highs as 110,' he notes.

It's already about 10 degrees hotter than it was on Tuesday.

With temperatures this high for this long, people without AC or those who are outside for extended periods of time can get heat exhaustion or suffer other illnesses. That goes for pets, too, which have no sweat glands, so they can only cool off by panting.

Across the country, from Montana to Louisiana, hundreds of heat records have been slashed as harrowing temperatures leave cornfields parched and city sidewalks sizzling.

On Tuesday, 251 new daily high temperature records were set, boosting to 1,015 the number of records set during the previous week. If forecasts hold, more records could fall in the coming days.

The record-breaking numbers might seem big, but they're hard to put into context -- the National Climatic Data Center has only been tracking the daily numbers broken for a little more than a year, said Derek Arndt, head of climate monitoring at the center.

'Any time you're breaking all-time records in mid- to late-June, that's a healthy heat wave,' Arndt said.

No matter where you are, the objective is the same: stay cool.

The heat can cause big problems for your vehicles. AAA says common heat related problems include dead batteries, overheating and the failure of any rubber components, especially belts, hoses, and tires anything made with rubber.

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