UPDATE 5/30: The remaining charges against a defendant in the 2010 murder of a Norfolk police officer are expected to be dismissed on Monday.

Jennifer Stanton, an attorney for Raymond Perry, confirmed to 13News Now that she expects the murder charges against her client to be dropped.

Perry is expected to appear in court on a motions hearing Monday morning.

A spokeswoman for the Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney's office would only confirm that there is a motions hearing scheduled, but would not specify the nature of the hearing.

Perry, along with Kareem Turner, was charged in Decker's death after he was shot outside of Atlantis nightclub on Oceana Blvd.

Charges against Turner were dropped in March.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- After nearly two years, police have arrested a suspect in the death of Norfolk Police Officer Victor Decker.

Decker was murdered in 2010 outside a nightclub in Virginia Beach.

Monday, Virginia Beach Police Department announced 20-year-old Raymond Perry has been charged with first degree murder and armed robbery.

'Brings a level of closure to the department, to the officers that worked with Vic on a daily basis, and, so, for that, we're very grateful,' said Norfolk Police Department spokesman Officer Chris Amos, who was in touch with Decker's widow after Beach detectives charged Perry.

'They continued to work it, and work, it and work it, and they were persistent. They were relentless. It led to the arrest, and, so, she's grateful to Virginia Beach Police Department for their efforts and determination,' Amos said.

Perry is serving an 88-year sentence in a federal facility in South Carolina for a series of crimes in Virginia Beach and other jurisdictions in September, 2010.

'Probably what was so hard to understand about all of it was how something so horrific could happen to such a fabulous person,' said Vanessa Oates, owner of Scotty Quixx on Granby Street, which was part of Decker's beat in Downtown Norfolk.

'He wasn't just a great guy; he was a great police officer. He took his job seriously. He had incredible integrity. He was like a big brother,' Oates shared. 'To see such a fabulous family lose just such a terrific person, I mean, he was so protective over everyone, and that was part of what made him so loved, and for him not to be able to be there for his family that he loved more than life, itself, is just horrible for them.'

Perry is awaiting extradition to Virginia Beach.

Police say Perry lived in Norfolk at the time of the killing, on S. Stoney Point off Newtown Road.

They wouldn't say what evidence pointed to Perry, but investigators say several detectives interviewed over 200 sources of information. The Va. Beach Police Dept. says investigators also got help from the Norfolk Police Department's Uniform and Detectives Divisions and Special Investigations Unit, Virginia State Police, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Portsmouth Police Department, and the Virginia Beach and Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney offices.

Statement by Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith:
'On behalf of the Norfolk Police Department I would like to thank Chief Jim Cervera and the Virginia Beach Police Department for their relentless determination over the last 18 months to solve the murder of Officer Victor Decker. Their efforts and the hundreds of hours put into this investigation has resulted in an arrest that will provide a level of closure for the men and women of the Norfolk Police Department, particularly those who worked with Vic on a daily basis. I would also like to thank the public for their support during this time.
Finally, and most importantly, let me remind you to continue to keep Victor's wife, Dawn and daughter, Charlotte, in your thoughts and prayers. While they too must be experiencing a measure of relief at the arrest, they will soon face the difficulty of the upcoming trial.
Any additional information on the case should be directed to the VBPD's Public Information Office.'

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