NORFOLK -- Some air conditioning units break down in this extreme heat, and you can bet it has repair orders piling up.

Brian Hice says the mild winter slowed down work down for them as far as heating repairs, but says things have certainly turned around and he's now working long hours. He was out in the heat Friday fixing broken A/C units.

At one Hampton home, he was able to diagnose the problem right away. He said a capacitor was blown and ultimately led to just having warm air blowing around.

'A lot of times that happens - brownouts. Every A/C in the neighborhood is running, the voltage drops down. It's called a brownout. The capacitor can't handle it,' described Hice.

At Paul Suzlberger's house, the air conditioning went out about 4:30 Thursday afternoon.

'It was rough sleeping in here, really rough. It got hot. Oh yeah, no air moving at all except the fans,' Suzlberger said. 'When I was younger, when you're young, you can put up with it.'

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