CHESAPEAKE--A group of Chesapeake parents is fighting a plan they worry could put their children in danger.

Children who attend Deep Creek SECEP could be moved into middle schools while the facility is replaced or renovated. SECEP serves students with emotional and intellectual disabilities.

Middle school parents are concerned about having troubled teens in their schools and that adding the youngsters would make classrooms overcrowded and hurt academics.

If the plan moves forward, Barabara Sanchez says she will move her daughter to a private school to avoid overcrowding.

'I am speaking at the Chesapeake School Board meeting tonight, emphasizing the issues of safety and academic performance regarding the upcoming decision regarding the middle schools,' Lisa Madren wrote on the Facebook Page 'Save our Chesapeake Middle Schools.'

'I think the parents concerns are legitimate and we are listening. I think we need to find a separate building so the children are not mixed in together,' said School Board member Harry Murphy.

Donna Daniels hopes City Council will find the money to renovate the Deep Creek Facility so that all students have proper learning environments.

Murphy stated renovating or replacing the building could cos between $4 million and $13 million.

'There's not money to do that,' he explained.

The School Board is planning to hold public hearings in September and October and a vote is expected in late October.

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