CHESAPEAKE-Mold found at a Chesapeake and a Norfolk school has been cleaned up, officials say.

The problem at Great Bridge Primary occurred in a number of exterior rooms with AC window units.

'This mold has been eliminated and all rooms cleaned by a contracted environmental expert,' Schools spokesman Tom Cupitt said.

He added that the school on Cedar Road should open on time.

In Norfolk, last weekend's storm caused the AC system at Lafayette-Winona Middle School to malfunction.

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Mather says it took a couple of days to fix, but the hot, moist weather contributed to mold growth in some areas of the school.

'We brought in an industrial hygiene company to find the mold, and a moisture/mold contractor to assist in cleaning, treatment and drying. Carpets, bulletin boards and other items affected by mold were removed, and all areas with mold have been cleaned,' she said.

Dehumidifiers were brought in to help ventilate and dry the building, she added.

The AC was functioning by Wednesday and a letter was scheduled to go home to parents today letting them know what happened, and letting them know that the building is clean and safe for students on Tuesday.

Officials say the principal wants to hear any concerns from staff and parents,

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