NORFOLK -- The City of Norfolk wants you to experience Granby Street.

Friday's three-hour street festival is the brainchild of City Manager Marcus Jones.

'I've been back in town for about 18 months and I guess a recurring theme (is) let's not forget about Granby Street, what Granby Street was and can be,' he said.

On Friday, Granby will close from Main Street to Charlotte Street so guests can experience technology, music and the military.

'This is 429 Granby. There are 11 artists in the show and it will be filled,' said John Vitale, curator of a pop-up art exhibit.

Chris Lawrence has run MacArthur Pharmacy for 12 years and he's excited about the idea.

'I thought it was about time the city got involved in bringing some business down here. Not that they haven't but to make a concerted effort. I am excited about the street being closed,' said Lawrence.

Helping coordinate one part of the event is AltDaily.

'I think that between the Hurrah Players and the orchestra and the Governor's School and this I mean I think between all that people are going to want to check out what's happening down here,' concluded Hannah Serrano with AltDaily.

Meet, Greet & Imagine Granby Street: Experience is from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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