CHESAPEAKE-- Officials from the Federal Highway Administration are in Chesapeake today to examine the Gilmerton Bridge replacement project.

Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez believes this project serves as an example to the entire country.

'A significant amount of funding here is federal funding and it's important for me to come, because I travel across the nation, and look at projects that are really impressive,' Mendez said.

Mendez believes the project stands out because of a new financial model that could change how much we pay for similar projects in the future.

The Gilmerton Bridge project is one of the first to use a design-build approach. This means the same contractor designs and then builds the project, which saves the state time and money.

Mendez believes the project is very important. 'We can learn a lot from this and share it across the nation.'

Mendez added, 'I know with that delivery method we can deliver infrastructure much faster than we have in the past.'

Mendez is also talking about future investments in Hampton Roads. With a growing population and rich military background he gave encouraging news about where the area stands in terms of federal dollars.

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