VIRGINIA BEACH - The wife of a Virginia Beach councilman accused of assaulting herwent to court Tuesday and got the protectiveorder against her husbandlifted so he couldreturn home.

John Uhrin was at the afternoon City Council meeting and his wife Catherine also attended.

'It's horribly embarrassing and we feel terrible it's escalated to this point,' she said, adding that they want to get past this and get on with their normal lives.

Uhrin was charged after a heated argument withheroutside their Indian Ave. home late Saturday night.

Defense attorney Sonny Stallings said Monday there was never any physical fight and that police filed the charge based on what a neighbor said. He added that Mrs. Uhrin told him she was never struck.

'I think the key to that is she said that night when the police arrived 'I'm not hurt. He did not hit me.' A lot of people change their mind afterward, but she never asked a protective order, she never said she was assaulted,' Stallings said after court.

She added, 'I'm sure they saw me fall and that obviously, from a distance, I don't know what they thought they saw ... we were arguing and I swatted and we just went to a wedding and I had 4- inch heels on that I can't really walk in on a good day.'

Councilman Uhrin said, 'We both just need to tell the council and the citizens of Virginia Beach how embarrassed we are about what happened at our house on Saturday and to be candid with you, ashamed of what happened.'

Meantime, a special prosecutor from Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney Office will be handling the case against Uhrin.

'Mr. (Harvey) Bryant and Mr. Uhrin have supported each other's political campaigns in the past, and Mr. Uhrin, as councilman, is in a position to vote on the commonwealth's attorney office budget, so we requested a special prosecutor from Norfolk to avoid any appearance of impropriety whatsoever, said spokeswoman Macie Pridgen.

Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney spokeswoman Amanda Howie said no court dates have been set.

'The Special Prosecutor process began just this morning. Once the appropriate paperwork is signed and we receive the case file, we'll review the evidence and determine how to proceed,' she stated.

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