VIRGINIA BEACH--Virginia Beach now has an extra $1 million to spend on re-timing traffic signals.

The city had budgeted about $3 million to re-time nearly 260 stoplights throughout the city and worked to find more.

'Those were federal funds that were in existing city projects that were not used. So that funding was basically gleaned from those pots and put in the re-timing budget,' explains Frank Hickman, Virginia Beach Traffic Operations Manager.

'I've always felt like the lights were a little longer around here,' said Bill Miller, who lives in Virginia Beach.

Miller says he noticed delays in traffic but doesn't know if taxpayers should pay $4 million to adjust the lights.

'I didn't even know that that was going on. It sounds like a waste of money to me,' Miller adds.

Hickman says since the city started re-timing the signals four years ago, drivers are idling about 10 to 25 percent less, saving them time and money.

Hickman states that contractors will go over the signals already re-timed to see if they need further adjustments.

The project should take another year to finish.

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