VIRGINIA BEACH-- Raymond Perry was in a Virginia Beach courtroom Wednesday facing murder and robbery charges.

Perry is accused of murdering off-duty Norfolk police officer Victor Decker in 2010 outside a nightclub in Virginia Beach.

The preliminary hearing was held Wednesday afternoon in Virginia Beach.

With the exception of one police detective, all of the prosecution's witnesses are felons.

All of the witnesses testified that Perry either told them he robbed or shot Decker, or they saw him looking suspicious outside the gentleman's club the night of the murder.

One witness said he heard a gunshot.

Perry's attorney said eventually it will be up to the jurors to decide whether the witnesses are telling the truth.

The judge sent the case to a grand jury on Nov. 5.

Police arrested 20-year-old Perry nearly two years after the killing.

At the time of his arrest, Perry was serving an 88-year sentence in a federal facility in South Carolina for a series of crimes in Virginia Beach and other jurisdictions in September 2010.

Police say Perry lived in Norfolk at the time of the killing, on S. Stoney Point off Newtown Road.

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