NORFOLK -- As Hurricane Sandy threatened the East Coast, the storm canceled long-made plans for thousands of cruise ship passengers.

Michelle Sleeper was disappointed but happy that the captain of the Norwegian Jewel kept them ahead of the storm.

They went from Freeport and arrived at Half Moone Cruise Terminal in downtown Norfolk Friday morning and now, with the other 2,600+ passengers, were spending a few hours in the city before departing for New York later in the day.

The Salernos can't seem to catch a break. Last year, the cruise they were on was interrupted by a rescue mission. The one before that was interrupted by Hurricane Charley.

'You work all year in a recession so you can save and take a vacation and now this happens,' said Sandy Salerno.

Norwegian Cruise Lines wasn't the only cruise company changing courses because of the storm. Carnival Cruise Lines altered some stops because of the bad weather.

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