NORFOLK - The storm is causing problems for airlines in Norfolk and Newport News and at airports along the East Coast.

At Norfolk International Airport and Newport News-Williamsburg airports, very few airlines were operating Monday.

A check of the airports; websites shows some flights are taking off and coming in, but others expected to arrive from outside the region were cancelled.

Norfolk International spokesman Wayne Shank said 'The airlines, because of the storm, have aircraft from scheduled flights that are canceled at other airports, so those aircraft have to be brought back online ... Normal flight operations are going to take a day or two before we see really normal activity.'

Cara Smith hopes to make it out Tuesday.

'The uncertainty of flying with four kids and having a flight canceled and watching when we can get the next one - we're hoping that one isn't canceled so we can make it to my brother's wedding,' she states.

He stressed that anyone with flights Tuesday from Norfolk should contact that airline to make sure the planes are flying.

At Newport News-Williamsburg Airport, officials also recommended passengers check with the airlines before heading to the airport to make sure the flights were scheduled.

The flight-tracking service FlightAware says more than 6,000 flights were canceled today, bringing the total to more than 15,000 canceled across the Northeast over two days. And more than 500 flights scheduled for tomorrow have also been canceled. The number surpasses the winter storm of early 2011 when 14,000 flights to be scrapped over four days.

New York is the nation's busiest airspace with about one-quarter of all U.S. flights going through daily. But the three big New York airports remain closed for a second day.

Flights have been canceled across Europe and Asia and travelers overseas could wait days to get back to the East Coast of the U.S. An official with a trade group for airports worldwide says even if storm damage is minor, it could be a week before operations are normal at major East Coast airports.

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