VIRGINIA BEACH - With the flooding that's occurred across Virginia Beach since Saturday,city officials want tohearaboutdamage to homes, businesses, cars or other property.

You can callthe city's 311 information line or make the report onlineat midnight Nov. 4.

You'll beasked to provide the location, type of damage,your contact information and an estimate of the severity of damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Damage must be as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

This information will be used to accurately determine the extent of the damage from the storm.

Little Island Park and Fishing Pier are closed to the public because of damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. The city park is at the southern end of Sandbridge. We do not yet know when they will re-open.

Lynnhaven Boat Ramp and Beach Facility also suffered some damage from the storm, but they remain open. Part of the parking lot is closed, but the trailer parking and ramp are open.

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