VIRGINIA BEACH - After a lot of long hours and hard work helping victims of Hurricane Sandy, Virginia Task Force 2 is home Tuesday night.

The team left Virginia Beach on Tuesday, October 30, and conducted rescues, searches and wellness checks in the New York City area.

They provided Urban Search and Rescue in the Rockaway section of Queens and Staten Island in neighborhoods that were damaged in the storm.

Officials say the team did damage assessments and health and welfare checks to people in nearly 5,200 structures and passed out 3,985 blankets, 2,700 jackets, 2,933 cases of water, 644 military meals, 1,500 sets of baby clothes and 75 sets of adult clothes.

Team 2 was one of nine FEMA teams that provided relief efforts. The others were Team 1 from Fairfax; a team from Columbus Ohio, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Beverly, Massachusetts, Marion County, Memphis, Tennessee, Boone County, Missouri and New York City.

Task Force 2 team members were able to vote absentee so they didn't miss taking part in this important election.

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