NORFOLK-- The Norfolk School Board wants state lawmakers to put more money into public education.

Members gave legislators a wish list of changes at a breakfast Tuesday morning. The list includes items they hope to pass at the end of the 2013 General Assembly session, which begins January 9 in Richmond.

On the list is:

-Restoring funding reductions that have been imposed over the past several years, especially since Virginia enjoys a budget surplus for the 3rd year in a row.

-Ending the practice of funding public education by supplanting the General Fund with proceeds from the Lottery Fund.

-Giving school districts local control to implement policies to improve effectiveness and efficiency, especially as it relates to the school calendar.

-Funding for programs designed to prepare students for graduation, postsecondary education, and career readiness

Mather says there are things the School Board hopes lawmakers will reject. Those are:

-Adding mandated programs which require school division actions or services without providing for the state's share of funding.

-Diverting money away from the General Fund to fund transportation needs.

-Allowing home-schooled or part-time students to participate in Virginia High School League activities.

- Increasing efforts for virtual education without a thorough study of the efficacy and fiscal impact of such programs.

- Amending the existing charter school law The board feels the current law is sufficient for school boards to voluntarily develop or expand charter schools.

- Instituting vouchers or tuition tax credits which ultimately decrease funding for public education.

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