NORFOLK - An unusual sight on the beach at Ocean View in Norfolk Tuesday morning - a grounded barge.

A 13News viewer says he looked out from his 3rd Bay Street home around 8:00 a.m. and saw people working to stabilize the pile driving barge.

According to residents along the Chesapeake Bay, the winds came up pretty dramatically and forced the 60-foot barge and a 26-foot tug to shore.

'The Coast Guard, while assessing the situation on scene, is working with the vessel's owner to ensure that an acceptable salvage plan is submitted and approved that will lead to the safe removal of the grounded tug and barge from the beach,' said Capt. John Little, the commander of Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads.

'Special thanks to the Virginia Beach and Norfolk Fire Rescue units for providing swift action to assist the two crew members aboard the barge who were showing signs of hypothermia due to exposure to the 54 degree water and 49 degree air temperature while trying to remove equipment from the barge in the surf line. Weather conditions observed today contribute to the onset of hypothermic conditions and serve as a reminder to dress appropriately when working on or around the water,' said Little

John Bull with the Va. Marine Resources Commission says the Marine Police are watching, but the owner is responsible for freeing the vessel. He said the agency would get involved if it's not moved in a timely manner.

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