CHESAPEAKE --A Chesapeake teenager will have to spend the holidays without being able to buy his first car after he was given counterfeit money.

Tyler Bacon recently made a decision that's tough for a teenage boy - sell his dirt bike for a more practical ride.

'He wanted to buy his first car,' explains his mother Kim Bacon, 'He worked all summer and made money commercial crabbing but still needed some more so he decided to sell the dirt bike just to get some money for a car.'

Kim helped her son advertise the bike on Craigslist.

'I got a couple texts asking about it, but then I had one guy who was really persistent calling and texting. He wanted to buy it for his son for his 13th birthday,' says Bacon.

The buyer told Kim his name was Dave and he couldn't drive to the Bacons' home in Chesapeake, but he said if they'd bring the bike to his job at the Newport News Shipyard he'd pay cash.

'So we thought about it and decided we didn't have that many phone calls on it so we did it,' says Bacon.

The man handed her husband $900 in $20 and $50 bills and took off on the bike for a test drive.
They say he never came back.

'My husband had the money so he just left,' she says.

On the way home, her husband stopped to get gas and soon found out the money was fake.

The Bacon's filed a police report and handed over the fake bills.

Police confirmed they're working the case but haven't made any arrests.

Kim says unless something turns up, the big loser in all this is Tyler.

'He has no motorcycle, no money and no car,' says Bacon.

She says she'll give a $200 reward toward finding the dirt bike and the man with the fake money.

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