NORFOLK-- Trish Worrell says there's a Christmas Grinch in her Ocean View neighborhood who has stolen or vandalized her decorations and now she wants more police patrols to catch the crook.

Worrell says she decorates her house for the holidays every year. This year her decorative boxes were stolen, her lights were broken and her Christmas cheer was tested.

'Why are you out there messing up something that's a good thing?' asks Worrell.

The neighborhood association secretary sent out an email to Worrell's neighbors to be on the lookout for vandals.

'It makes me feel good. The city does care. Even the little things count,' said Worrell.

Worrell is now keeping track of the incidents and filing police reports.

Now that it's happened three years in a row, she's ready for help from the police department.

'Just more patrolling after the bars close in Ocean View,' Worrell said.

Although her neighbors haven't had any problems, few have decorated as much as she has.

'People are trying to bring joy and fun to someone else and you're out there making a mess of it,' says Worrell.

She says the vandals can take her decorations, but they won't ever take her tradition.

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