NORFOLK -- A man shot by Newport News police during a traffic stop was granted bond Friday.

Corey Moody has been freed on $1,000 bond but remains hospitalized due to his injuries.

A Newport News officer received several stitches to remove a piece of metal fragment from his face and was not shot as initially reported.

Officials say last week four officers were involved in a traffic stop on the 35th Street overpass to interstate I-64, pulling over a BMW driven by 40-year-old Corey Moody.

Four officers surrounded the car. According to police spokesman Lou Thurston, 'The officer to the right and rear of the suspect's vehicle saw what they believed to be an overt movement. They felt the suspect was probably reaching for a gun.'

Thurston says as soon as the officer fired, the car lunged forward and the officer standing near Moody fell to the ground. That's when the officer standing near the front passenger side of the vehicle fired her gun.

'That was almost simultaneously. In my experience I would have probably heard and seen all of that and thought for sure the officer had been shot,' Thurston said.

Moody, who was unarmed, was shot in the leg and back.The officer who fell suffered a facial injury.

'It could be a sliver of a fragment of a bullet, it could be a fragment of some other kind of metal either of which would be he wasn't really shot in the face,' Thurston explained.

The four officers involved have been placed on administrative leave with pay.

The investigation continues.

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