NEWPORT NEWS---Rep. Bobby Scott sat down with 13News a day after the governor signed off on plans for a new Route 460.

He, along with two other congressmen, sent a letter to the administration Wednesday.

The letter questions the project's price tag and asks that the administration hold off any further action.

The $1.4 billion cost will pay for the new four-lane highway connecting Suffolk to Petersburg.

'I would hope we do not spend so much money on that project and not have money left over for the third crossing,' said Scott.

But State Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton says there has been plenty of time to speak-up about the project.

Connaughton says it's one of the only projects the state can afford to improve connectivity with Hampton Roads.

'They sent the letter knowing full well that we already closed,' Connaughton said. 'We should have heard from them at some point during the last several years, and we did not.'

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