PORTSMOUTH-- Something strange is happening in a Portsmouth neighborhood and residents say that can't explain it.

Six cats have been reported missing on Cambridge and Potomac avenues in the last few weeks.

Nicole Macaulay said she let her cat, Gigi, out of the house on Dec. 19 and hasn't seen it since.

'Gigi roams. He's pretty much an outdoor cat, but he always hangs close to the house,' said Macaulay.

When Macaulay asked her neighbors if they had seen Gigi, she found other people's cats had disappeared, too.

Two of Gloria Shaffer's cats disappeared from the same street that same week.

'Saturday morning when I got up to let my second cat in for breakfast and he wasn't there, my heart fell. I just knew somebody had taken him,' said Shaffer.

Shaffer has lived on Cambridge Avenue for 23 years and has had some of her cats for as long as 17 years.

'My cats, they have disappeared for a day or two. They've gotten shut in somebody's garage or shed, but you know they come out and they come home. They always come back,' she noted.

Shaffer and Macaulay say six cats have been reported missing by people on their street and neighboring Potomac Avenue.

Residents have put up posters, contacted animals shelters and even asked police to help find their pets.

Portsmouth Police say the animal control office has been contacted about the disappearances, but they have had no reports of cat thefts.

Shaffer doesn't know if someone has stolen her cats, but she hopes they will be home soon.

'They are just like our kids and they mean a lot to us. There's a big vacant area in our hearts and homes right now.'

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