NORFOLK -- A fit fighting force leads to a more ready fighting force. That's the thinking behind Navy guidance to more than 300,000 active duty enlisted sailors and officers.

With the beginning of the new year the Navy is renewing emphasis on operational guidance that sailors complete at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week and perform strength-training exercises at least twice a week to work all major muscle groups.

'Whether you exercise and want to increase your current level of fitness or you are looking to start a routine to attain a healthy level of fitness, we can help,' said Bill Moore, director, Navy Physical Readiness Program. 'Focusing on the wellness of Sailors and their families by providing the skills and tools for fitness and nutrition is one of our primary objectives.'

The Navy has even put fitness programs on its Physicial Readiness Program Website.

Some of the suggest exercises include brisk walking, bicycling, water aerobics and high-intensity activities like jogging or running, lap swimming, jumping rope and circuit training. To work on strength, the Navy suggestspush-ups, lifting weights and using resistance bands.

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