NORFOLK-- Joe trained to be a barista at Bean There Coffeehouse in Norfolk with owner Amy Wyatt Metzger, learning how much goes into making your favorite coffee drinks.

When Metzger hires a barista she looks for personality and customer service skills, but there is one other thing she finds important. '...actually have some kind of liking towards coffee! They don't have to be some kind of coffee aficionado but they have to at least like to drink coffee,' said Metzger.

Joe started with a specialty coffee that you have to tamp down hard, then turned it into espresso shots.

Joe said the most challenging part was steaming the cream, but when it got to 140 degrees he was done.

Next he was making a latte with Zack Gehring, who explained that lattes are a different steam process.

Joe made some mistakes that he poured down the sink, saying that it's hard to get it just right.

Joe asked Metzger if she thought he would make a good barista.

'I think you would do great. You have a great personality. You were very hands-on and quick to jump in. You weren't too scared of the espresso machine. The hardest part would be to get the timing right. But I think you would be okay,' Metzger said.

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