SUFFOLK-- Being a florist is a colorful business and Joe's first job at Johnson's Gardens was helping get hundreds of flower arrangements in the van.

During this busy time there were five people arranging inside arranging the beautiful flowers.

'It's a lot of work cause people want certain things and you have to get it up to their expectations,' said Jennifer Cobb.

Tim Johnson is the owner and says Valentine's Day is hectic. 'When you come in here on Valentine's Day itself, we are going to give you 40 vases and tell you we need 40 dozen roses and you have 4 hours.' Joe asked if that really happens. 'Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah,' said Johnson.

It was Tim's parents that started this operation 50 years ago on Route 58. Tim and his wife Helen are carrying on the tradition and they have three sons who help out on Valentine's Day.

'I think it's actually busier the day before. The day of is mostly spent worrying about the deliveries.' said Helen.

So how was Joe at arranging flowers?

'I think you're trainable Joe. I think we could teach you. I don't know about the speed aspect though. We might have to pick up the speed a little bit, but other than that, I think you're very capable,' Tim concluded.

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