SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A group of San Francisco Star Wars fans who want to travel to a galaxy not that far away have created a combat choreography class for Jedis-in-training with their weapon of choice: the light saber.

At a recent class, Alain Bloch, the self-proclaimed Jedi Master at Golden Gate Knights, demonstrated a slicing technique. He has a background in martial arts and stage combat.

'Always be mindful of the presence!' he said, donning a Luke Skywalker outfit and a green light saber.

With Star Wars movie music coursing through the dance studio, his disciples clutch their neon-glowing light sabers.

These self-proclaimed 'Star Wars geeks' slice and parry as they follow Bloch's lead, and get a little exercise, too.

People in a recent class in the city's South of Market district, including a couple on a date, said they embraced their quirkiness and had even converted some of the skeptical into the 'Jedi order.'

'At first they giggle because they think it's a little silly. Then they're like, actually that's kind of cool,' said Julio Reyes, a student. 'Then they start asking more questions.'

Not all Jedis-in-training are rooting for the good guys. Some came to embrace 'the dark side of the force.'

'I just love Vader, period,' said the Darth Vader-clad student Gary Ripper. 'Just his voice, the way he moved, the power of him. I just liked the powerfulness of him.'

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