HAMPTON -- A broken vertebra, stitches to her upper lip, bruises covering many parts of her body. The list of injuries goes beyond that for 14-year-old Gabby Greenwood.

Friday, the Phoebus High School freshman and some friends went to the McDonald's restaurant located at East Pembroke Avenue and Shelton Road. They left there, heading for the bowling alley across Pembroke when a silver 4-door Jeep Liberty ran down Greenwood and kept going.

'I mean, I didn't start realizing all the pain until after I was in the hospital and just sitting there trying to move,' shared Greenwood.

'I'm just grateful there was a lot of witnesses around the area,' said Carrie Kephart, Greenwood's mother. 'I understand there were some kids that stopped traffic and another couple went over and helped her, you know, until the ambulance got there.'

Other people chased after the SUV and were able to get a partial Virginia plate number: 'WVL 9.' Hampton Police Division spokeswoman Corporal Mary Shackelford said 2 girls or women were in the Jeep.

'My understanding from eyewitness reports, they even slowed down and looked back, you know, so they know they hit something, and, then, you change lanes and continue to go on? I don't see how people can do that,' Kephart told 13News. 'Irresponsible, heartless, thoughtless, I mean, really.'

Police believe the Jeep may have damage to the front of its driver's side. They know after it hit Greenwood, it kept going towards Jack's Restaurant and cut through he parking lot there to reach Woodland Road.

Anyone who knows where the SUV is or who the driver of it was can contact Crime Line anonymously. The number is 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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