VIRGINIA BEACH-- A Virginia Beach contractor held without charges in Afghanistan for more than a day has been released and should be home this weekend.

Company CEO Jim O'Brien emailed 13News that David Gordon was free.

'The combination of intense press and the efforts of Congressmen Scott Rigell (R-2nd D) and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th District) made this happen. We will now work on bringing him home,' wrote Jim O'Brien of Tamerlane Global Services.

He told, 'The Embassy REFUSED to take custody of David and tried to give him back to the Afghans! The military (US Marines) saw what was happening and stepped in. When the US Embassy still refused to take custody of David, the military took him.'

Gordon was picked up by Afghan police on April 3 and detained by a deputy attorney general that happened to belong to an Afghan tribe that has had an ongoing feud with the company. O'Brien said the police were initially going to release Gordon to the tribe.

Gordon was reportedly beaten and his injuries weren't treated until the next day. He was being held in Qomandani Amanya, Kabul Afghanistan.

Gordon's wife was visiting family in Ireland when she got the news.

'After she stopped crying, she was overwhelmed with joy,' O'Brien said.

Rep. Rigell, Rep. Wolf and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-California)wrote a letter asking the State Department to intervene in the case to get Gordon's release fromQomandani Amanya, Kabul Afghanistan.

'Gordon's attorney, Kimberly Motley, literally threw her body in front of David and argued to high up screaming that this would be such a miscarriage of justice,' O'Brien said Thursday.

O'Brien said Gordon was put in jail even though he wasn't charged with a crime.

'... Afghan prison guards let David into the prison yard where he was ambushed. He had a glass broken over his head. He was slashed. He was beaten by one of the Afghan prisoners. The Afghan guards then dragged David into his cell where he was left to bleed overnight.' O'Brien stated.

The letter says, 'The threats that he (Gordon) is receiving and the demonstrated lack of protection during his confinement give us serious concern about his welfare.'

Rigell says the Deputy Attorney General within the Afghan Attorney General's office referenced that the incident was related to an ongoing commercial contract dispute and is asking the United States for $2.4 million for his release.

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