HAMPTON-- This year's aerial mosquito spraying may be the latest victim of sequestration.

The city, in an appeal for help from residents to fight the yearly battle with the small Asian Tiger mosquito, indicates the aerial spraying will not happen this year because of government budget cuts.

According to a release, Hampton's Environmental Services Division will apply larvicides to areas with standing water such as roadside ditches, woodland pools, and curb drop inlets. The larvicide prevents mosquitoes from reaching adulthood.

The city says the spray and larvicide will help get rid of saltmarsh and woodland mosquitoes in the area but the Asian Tiger mosquito, which feeds during the day and rests at night, is less susceptible to those efforts.

Residents are being urged to remove water from any and all containers around the home that might serve as breeding grounds for the mosquito.

The city released a list of areas to check around the home: gutters, children's toys, tires (upright or flat), bird baths, old pools, flower pots(bottom plate), rain barrels, outdoor pet bowls, unused fish ponds, ceramic landscape ornaments and anything else that may hold rainwater.

Residents are urged to Customer Call Center at 3-1-1 or 757-727-8311 if they need more information or help. The city's Environmental Services team monitors the mosquito population and can check areas of specific complaints.

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