VIRGINIA BEACH-Making sushi is my job this week, working alongsideKevin Chang at Zushi in Town Center.

He's been in the sushi business for 20 years, so he can take the pressure when his customers are in a time crunch.

'You have to be fast. You have to respect their lunch hours because it's made to order,' he notes.

I sliced a fish under his watchful eyes, feeling my way through, listening for bones.

'You have to listen for the sound of your knife. You hear that clicking? That means the knife is actually gliding along the bone. If you don't hear that, you're in trouble,' he explains.

Regular rice cooks for 35 minutes and then is put into a wooden bowl where marinade gets added. Next, stir ever so gently.

That wasn't my strong suit, apparently.

'It keeps flipping. You're fired, Get out!' he said jokingly.

Chang says sushi is full of enzymes and because it's natural, you don't need to do anything to it. It's his passion - after making it all day, he brings home at night.

He says there's a lot of demand for sushi and he is among many chefs concerned about over-fishing. But for now, as long as his customers keep asking, he'll keep making sushi.

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