VIRGINIA BEACH -- 23-year-old Hope Curry left her brother's condominium off South Rosemont Road November 11, 2000 to return a page at a time when pagers still were a big thing and cell phone weren't so much.

Curry never came back.

'We didn't think that there was bad in the world, that she would be taken, or disappeared, or in so much trouble that we couldn't find her, that we couldn't reach out to her,' said Curry's friend, Jennifer Limpert.

Limpert told 13News Now Curry walked to a gas station at the corner of South Rosemont and Holland roads to return the page Curry received. The service station is gone. Soaps-N-Suds is on that corner of the intersection now. On its doors are flyers with Curry's picture as the anniversary of her disappearance approaches.

Friends, including Limpert, maintain a Facebook page and a Web site to share Curry's story and encourage people who may have information about what happened to her to call police.

'Her mom, that's her only daughter, and I have children, and I could not imagine the pain of every morning of having to wake up without my kid, or knowing if he's sleeping tonight, or if he's eating tomorrow,' said Limpert.'We just don't ever want to give up on her. She was a beautiful person, so, she wouldn't give up on us either.'

Limpert said people plan to hold a vigil at Mount Trashmore November 9.

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