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CHESAPEAKE--Fire crews worked for hours to extinguish a blaze in Chesapeake Tuesday afternoon, which was caused by a lightning strike.

Crews responded to the 1400 block of Pine Bark Dr. in Chesapeake around 3:30 p.m.

According to Chesapeake Fire Capt. Scott Saunders, the house was in a 'No Water Zone.' In other words, there were no nearby fire hydrants.

Generally the homes in these zones are in rural neighborhoods and operate off of well water.

Saunders says crews have alternative plans to fight fires in these areas without hydrants.

'One of our first tasks we do when we have a fire in those portions of the city is call for the water supply task force,' said Capt. Saunders.

Crews used additional trucks obtaining water from a hydrant four miles away on Battlefield Blvd. and Benefit Road to knock the fire out.

Officials said the home sustained heavy damage.

'It does make it harder because it's harder to establish that water supply,' said Capt. Saunders.

Some people who live in the area tell 13News Now they had no idea there were no nearby hydrants in their neighborhood. Others say they were aware of the 'No Water Zone' but it's the price they're willing to pay to live in the country.

Jay Ambrose lives in the area and thought fire crews could pump water from area pools to have a constant water source.

'You know what you see is what you get. We thought they used to use swimming pools, which we have one, but they claim they don't do that,' said Ambrose.

Capt. Saunders said having no hydrants nearby didn't affect their response time in yesterday's fire and trucks that respond to these rural areas have trucks with larger water tank capacities.

Two adults were displaced. No injuries were reported.

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