PORTSMOUTH-Thousands of workers at Norfolk Naval Shipyardin Portsmouth are getting their furlough notices today.

Yard spokesman Jeff Cunningham says 40% of the workforce - 3,600 people - will receive a letter when they arrive and will have to sign.

Those workers will have four hours to carry out shutdown-related chores like cleaning their desk, changing their voicemail and the like, he said, and they'll be on leave until Congress acts.

Two workers at the yard early Tuesday were hoping the shutdown doesn't last long.

'I don't know if I'm going to get furloughed or not. My wife is, it's gonna affect my family, it's gonna affect everyone of these people coming through these gates,' said Bob Keisel.

A man who asked not to be identified was one of the unlucky workers.

'I got a wife and three kids so its going to affect me in a bad way.'

The furloughs come just hours after the government shut down as Congress couldn't compromise on a budget.

Cunningham says the Portsmouth yard has approximately 9,000 civil workers.

Another agency feeling the impact of the shutdown is the U.S. Coast Guard Finance Center. It's closed and only supervisory and exempt employees were to report to work.

Nationwide, about 800,000 federal workers were off the job.

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