ARLINGTON The Dallas Cowboys took on Washington Sunday night at AT&T Stadium, but there's a challenge that extends beyond the football field.

Protesters are demanding that the Redskins change the name of the team.

The small group of about a dozen initially put up their picket signs near the stadium, but police later moved them down the street.

Controversy over Washington's nickname has ramped up again recently, with even Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the President of the United States weighing in.

Some native American groups say change is long overdue, and they are convinced this is the time to make a stand.

'It is equivalent as the 'n-word' is or the 'w-word' is to Hispanic groups,' said Yolanda Blue Horse. 'This is a negative word to us, and while we have not had a loud voice, we're here to be a voice today.'

Reaction to the picketers has been mixed. Some fans say they favor a new name for Washington's NFL franchise; others don't care; and one man told us he considers the protest to be 'politically correct' overkill.

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