EL PASO, Texas -- 31-year-old Rachel Poole is recovering after giving birth and after an attack that quite possibly could have ended her life and her child's.

El Paso police said 19-year-old Corey Moss attacked Poole in her home Wednesday, stabbing her in the face and body, breaking some bones in the process.

Detectives said Moss was hiding in the home when Poole got there.

A police department spokesman told that Poole was using FaceTime to video-chat with her husband, Justin Poole, who is a soldier and was deployed. Poole is from Williamsburg. He returned to Texas from overseas after the attack.

Poole gave birth to their daughter, Isabella, who is doing well.

Police charged Moss with Attempt Capital Murder. Detectives believe he attacked Poole because he owed her money for car repairs.

A Facebook page called Prayers and Updates for Rachel Poole has been set up.

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