PORTSMOUTH -- With the holidays just around the corner, Portsmouth Mayor Kenneth Wright has dropped 67 pounds. He has 33 pounds to go tomeet his goal of shedding 100 pounds.

Wright has just recovered from the dreaded but predictable dieter's plateau, which had him stuck at 363 pounds for five weeks. The scale is moving in the right direction again, as the mayor has set a March 11, 2014 deadline to shed 100 pounds.

The mayor went from his eye-popping weight of 425 pounds to 356 pounds at a recent doctor's visit. His body mass index is down to 45.6 from a dangerously high number of 51.9. A BMI under 25 is considered normal.

Dropping 100 pounds would be a major accomplishment,but this is only an intermediate goal. In order to reach a healthy range, the mayor needs to drop of total of 200 pounds.

Mayor Wright walks four miles a day andsays hedid not eat a single piece of Halloween candy this year. That's a dramatic improvement for the type two diabetic who used to gorge candy every year.

To meet this intermediate goal, the mayor has to drop eight pounds a month through mid-March.

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