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JAMES CITY COUNTY- A miniature poodle survived a massive house fire sparked by a cigarette. 'When the fire started, the dog got scared and ran under the bed,' Assistant Chief Bob Ryalls said.

James City County Fire crews responded right away to the home at 3800 block of Fox Run around 7:30 p.m. Sunday night. The homeowner was able to get five of her pets out of the house, but she couldn't find her poodle. Ryalls explained crews extinguished the flames, and then made a final check inside the home.

'They looked under the bed, and saw the eyes of the puppy.' A firefighter grabbed the poodle, and returned the pet to the homeowner waiting outside. ''She was extremely pleased,' Ryalls noted.

There are a few factors as to how the poodle survived inside the burning home. The flames ripped through the roof, allowing the smoke to ventilate. As debris fell from the ceiling, the bed shielded the pet. Ryalls remarked the poodle found the perfect spot.

'When we teach fire safety to the children, we always say stop, drop and roll. Part of the reason for that is the closer you are to the ground, there is a layer of clean air that you can breathe.'

While the poodle wasn't hurt at all, Ryalls said the home was destroyed. 'The homeowner had been smoking prior to the fire. It's being deemed an accident.'

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