SUFFOLK 23-year-old John Brown remains in critical condition after being injured while skydiving in Suffolk on Sunday afternoon.

The accident happened at the Suffolk Executive Airport at 1200 Gene Bolton Drive.

'I noticed everyone like rushing to him all at once so i knew something was really wrong,' said Ciara Roquin, who witnessed Brown hit the ground in front of her.

Roquin and her boyfriend, Mike Jones, were with the group Skydive Suffolk, preparing to board a plane for their first-ever skydive.

The couple saw Brown descend with his parachute open, but as he neared the ground something went wrong.

'He came down, started gliding and then about a hundred yards from earth just came kind of straight down,' said Jones.

Witnesses say Brown hit the ground so hard, his body bounced a foot into the air.

'You can just hear the earth just absorbing the impact, his energy, it was nuts,' recalled Jones.'The sound was just terrible.'

According to a news released, Brown is a member of the U.S. Navy and is an experienced skydiver.

The accident remains under investigation.

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